Denture Fountain of Youth™


Rejuvenate Your Look With Denture Fountain of Youth™

If you have been wearing traditional dentures for some time, you may have noticed changes in your appearance such as a sunken-in look and more wrinkles around your mouth. You may also experience your denture slipping out of place when you speak, laugh or eat. Dr. Zoe Huang has a solution that will improve your appearance while eliminating the embarrassment of denture

Strickland Facelift Dentures™ in Dublin

Rejuvenation With Denture Fountain of Youth™

With Denture Fountain of Youth™, Dr. Huang combines cosmetic dentistry with neuromuscular dentistry to create dentures that revitalize your appearance while providing the functionality you need in a denture. Denture Fountain of Youth™ reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles, jowls and sagging cheeks by providing facial fullness. Denture Fountain of Youth™ are constructed to the ideal height for your facial structures, giving you a much more youthful appearance than traditional dentures.

The materials used in fabricating Denture Fountain of Youth™ are far superior to those used for traditional dentures. The high quality porcelain teeth that are used provide the natural sparkle of tooth enamel and greater chewing efficiency. In traditional dentures, the base of the denture is made with a single shade of pink that looks flat and fake. Using a layering technique for the base, Denture Fountain of Youth™ have a much more natural looking gum line.

Functional Affordable Dentures in Dublin

Function is as important as appearance when it comes to dentures. Using the Denture Fountain of Youth™ technique, Dr. Huang takes impressions while your muscles are in motion. This ensures a functional fit that works with your muscles to eliminate slipping when you laugh, talk and eat. Put an end to the embarrassing sliding and clicking of traditional dentures!

Permanent Dentures with Implant Support

Most patients can have their Denture Fountain of Youth™ secured with dental implants for permanent dentures. Dental implants are secured into the jaw bone and the dentures are snapped in place onto the implants to provide additional stability. Not all patients are candidates for implant supported, permanent dentures. Dr. Huang will go over the treatment options available for your individual needs

Rejuvenate your look and regain your confidence with affordable dentures in Dublin! Call our office for a consultation with Dr. Huang today.

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