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by anonymous

“Always have a great experience here. They are willing to work with you on finance and prices. And I’m always greeted with beautiful smiles and great hospitality.And she is really good at scheduling emergency dental work and they do a fantastic job.”

by TCT
“I have been going to Live & Smile for about two years. The entire staff is very courteous, professional, and organized. I had the full Invisalign® procedure. Dr. Huang is as perfectionist as anyone could ask for. She takes pride in her craft and would go an extra mile to get a job done to the client’s and her own professional satisfaction. After the procedure, I needed some porcelain crowns made to replace several large amalgams that I have had since I was a child. While most dentists would just drill away the amalgam as well as the good tooth structure, Dr Huang painstakingly performed the porcelain inlay process to leave much of the good tooth structure.”


by Chanel
“I have been going to Live & Smile for a few years now and I always have a great experience. The entire staff is so friendly and helpful. They take the time to answer my questions/concerns and always provide honest opinions and suggestions. They always do a thorough job :) ”


by Teresa W.
“I highly recommend Dr. Huang and her dental service to my friends. She is an experienced and excellent dentist. She also cares for her patients very much. The office is clean and neat. And the staff is very friendly. After just one visit, I was convinced this was going to be my dentist for life.”


by Kevin T.
“I’ve been going here for about two years now. Prior to that I tried my best to avoid the dentist, had a bad experience at a different office. The staff is ultra-friendly and Dr. Huang has always made me feel comfortable. Their hygienist Sandra has taken good care of me :).”


by Patrick L.
“Dr. Huang and staff are the best! I’ve been coming here for over three years and I have had cleanings, fillings, root canal replacement, new crown replacement, and Invisalign®, and all treatments have been nothing short of perfect!
“Ask for Sandra if you’re looking for a great hygienest and a great cleaning!”


by Jennifer C.
“Every visit at this dental office, I just want to them 5 stars for their professional services. Jenny always gives the best care to me and to all the patients around. She is always very helpful! The hygienist, Sandra, does fine job and she also spends time explaining to you your teeth current condition and how to take good care at home.Brianna and Joann are very friendly! All of my family come to this dental office and I'd recommend this office to anyone who needs the best dental care!”


by Kara S.
“So glad I finally have a awesome dentist. The staff here are all treat you so well and Dr. Huang is incredible at what she does.
“They call or text you several days before your appointment and on the day of your appointment to remind you, which I like because I am a busy mom. Briana at the front desk is great about keeping you updated with your appointments.
“I had some things done today to get porcelain crowns put on my teeth and my gums lasered. Dr. Huang was awesome and made sure that I didn’t feel a thing the whole time. She made my teeth look so much better! I can definitely tell that she is passionate about what she does and cares about her patients.
“I had to bring my daughter into the office with me because I was out a babysitter that day. They were so accommodating of her and put on some cartoons for her. Jenny at the front desk was reading her books and making her laugh.
“I have zero complaints about this place and would definitely recommend it.”


by Jennifer S.
“Dr. Huang is the best dentist I ever had. I once dreaded a dental visit, so does our family. Because of fear and discomfort, before meeting Dr. Huang we did not use our dental insurance benefits for over a year, although many dental conditions existed. Dr. Huang and her friendly staff totally changed our idea about dental visits. Besides her proficiency, which is beyond my words, for me the most important part is she always takes time to explain patiently about my dental conditions and the options as well as the long-term and short-term benefits for each option, which made me feel she really cares. Meanwhile, this makes me know better and also relieves my fears. In the past three and half years, our family did many treatments with Dr. Huang: cavities, root canal, crown, implant, as well as braces which greatly improved our dental health. Comparing with previous nerves and scares, now even my kids are looking forward for their dental visit. That is great. I highly recommend Dr. Huang to anyone who is looking for a caring and professional dentist for the whole family.”


by Jin M.
“I just moved to the area. Live & Smile has provided me the best dental experience I have ever had in my life. I had multiple visits to the office for comprehensive exam, onlay-porcelain, and cavity fillings, and was very happy about the treatment, service, and cost.
“What I like most about Dr. Huang is that she explained thoroughly about my teeth conditions, recommended various options, and let me make decisions for myself, and offered valuable dental care tips. The staff members were very professional and friendly. Dr. Huang and her staff always followed up with me after my treatment.
“Highly recommend to anyone who wants to live and smile with beautiful teeth!”


by Mike S.
“Always have a great experience here. They are willing to work with you on finance and prices. And I’m always greeted with beautiful smiles and great hospitality.And she is really good at scheduling emergency dental work and they do a fantastic job.”


by Amanda C.
“From the first time I walked into the office, and every time since, I’ve been greeted by a clinic full of experienced employees who extend care so far beyond my dental health. Everyone is so kind and genuine, and I feel that they really invest themselves in my well-being. I moved to this clinic about a year ago, after looking online, and coming here has been an exceptional experience! Thank you to Dr. Huang and team, you guys are truly the best out there!
“Also worth mentioning, they do raffles regularly, and I’ve been on the receiving end of a free teeth whitening treatment kit. Pretty incredible, how much they’re willing to give back to their clients!”


by Lusin
“Very professional service. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Everything is so clean. Doctor was explaining everything what she was doing. Happy that I found you :) ”


by Melody S.
“Very accommodating the moment I walked through the door of Live & Smile Dental Care. Jenny always is so polite and welcoming. I did not wait long for my consultation appointment with Dr. Huang. At the consultation, Dr. Huang answered all my questions and was patient with me while I processed all that would need to be done for my implant. Felt very comfortable and excited about getting my teeth more healthy again when I walked out the door. A big plus for me is being able to schedule appointments on Saturday or evenings.”


by Kriti S.
“Dr. Huang is the BEST doctor. Two years ago I was in horrible pain due to some wisdom tooth issue, could not sleep or eat. Fortunately, I got a next-day appointment with her. She called me a day before and discussed my X-rays, and early next morning I was in and all better within an hour. Since then she has been our family dentist.
I have done Invisalign with her and she has been amazing throughout the entire process. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and pays attention to detail.
“She has a great staff (Jade, Jenny, Briana, to name a few) and they are always very welcoming and pleasant. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone.
“This is a long overdue honest review and my very first on Yelp.”


by Damien W.
“This place rocks!! The staff here treat you so well and I learned a lot! I would defiantly recommend coming here to everyone! It's a very spacial, laid-back professional environment!!”


by Igor V.
“I was looking for a dentist on the Internet, and I found this place. People rated it with five stars.... Yes, this is five stars indeed. Doctor Huang and her team are very professional and friendly, the office is clean and has up-to-date tech. I’m happy to finally find a dentist that I can trust. Highly recommended!”


by Nick A.
“I had a severe nervous tension when visiting the dentist after a couple of bad experiences. Live & Smile Dental has slowly brought my fear of the dentist back to health, and I'm happy to call them my dental providers. Dr. Huang and staff always make me feel at home, and they really take the time to listen to my concerns. Dr. Huang knows of my previous negative experiences and is very sensitive to these feelings. She never pushes to do anything I would feel uncomfortable with.
Also, they offer sedation for major work as an option for people like me. Plus, the front office staff are very friendly. Jenny and Mai are always smiling and conversational.
“I have my wife coming here now. A real pleasure.”


by Henna P.
“My husband finished his Invisalign treatment and is very happy with the results. It went so well that another one of our family members decided to do Invisalign too! Dr. Huang and her staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. Their newest staff member, Briana, is very kind. We really liked her! Overall we are so pleased with the results and service we received.”


by W. Butler
“I have to say that I have NEVER been a fan of the dentist and would dread every appointment and on occasion would cancel to avoid the pain and discomfort. This week was the first time in my adult life that I was not afraid to go. The cleanings are what I dread most and Sandra has changed the way I think about dental visits. She is very gentle and that is appreciated. The staff is very friendly and I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a new dentist.”


by Laura C
“I went to Live & Smile Dental because my regular dentist doesn't offer Invisalign (which I wanted/needed), and because my mother-in-law had already had an excellent experience with Dr. Huang. Now, I am terrified of going to the dentist after my experience with my childhood dentist, and to visit a new one takes an inordinate amount of courage for me. To give a sense, I used to fly to Southern California for my checkups because I had found someone I liked and was too nervous to shop around. But I figured that just meeting her wouldn’t involve any pain or instruments, so I did just that. And I’m thrilled that I did.
“Dr. Huang is kind, thorough, committed to excellent customer service, and keenly aware of the concept of the patient experience. By ‘experience,’ I mean from the moment you walk in (her office manager Jenny is quite possibly the nicest person on the planet), to the nice office design and appointments (which I understand Dr. Huang designed and had built), to having the doctor work with you to discuss your care (she doesn’t dictate what you should do), to getting an email and text appointment reminder of your next visit.
“After my first visit, I wrote Dr. Huang a LENGTHY email explaining my fears, voicing my concerns, and asking detailed questions about the Invisalign process. I was shocked when she responded — within the day — to each and every one of my points.
“No dentist can guarantee a pain-free experience, but Dr. Huang does everything she can to minimize your discomfort. And so far, the Invisalign treatment has worked (though this isn't entirely her work; it does require a big change in personal behaviors). If you need a dentist, you owe it to yourself to take the opportunity to at least meet the wonderful staff at Live & Smile Dental.”


by Sue C.
“I’ve always wanted straighter and whiter teeth. I never thought Invisalign could help me, as I'm already 68 years old. The result has been amazing after Invisalign treatment with Dr. Huang. I feel better about myself and more confident to smile! I'm also getting my veneers done to further improve the condition of my teeth and make them permanently whiter.
“The whole team at Live & Smile Dental has great customer service, keeping up to date with the latest technology. They are very passionate in helping people improve their lives with healthier and more beautiful smiles. They also helped me and my husband improve the gum condition with laser gum treatment and replaced his missing teeth with dental implants. You can't go wrong with choosing Live & Smile Dental as your dental home!”


by Sarah M
“Dr. Huang and her staff make going to the dentist an easy and enjoyable experience. I started seeing Dr. Huang after chipping my front tooth accidentally one night. I went on Yelp to find a dentist who took emergency appointments, as I had work at 9 a.m. the next morning. I was able to speak with the dentist that evening and made an appointment for the next morning before they even opened, to accommodate my work schedule. I have been a patient for almost two years now. I recently had Dr. Huang extract a tooth and place an implant. I am very happy with the results. My son has also been a patient here since he was 3. He loves going to the office; he actually asks me when we can go back. The staff always remembers us, are accommodating, and so friendly. They also have TVs with Netflix so you can watch movies while they work on your teeth. I would definitely recommend this office!”


by Yinka
“I went in for a consult with Dr. Huang for cosmetic dental work and it was a wonderful visit! Jenni at the front desk is super awesome, especially in the customer service department; she made my appointment for me without any hassles and also confirmed my coverage with insurance. Jenni showed me around the office with a huge smile on her face and that's when I met Jade! Jade is super-friendly and I felt very comfortable with her, she made my whole visit so wonderful. While conversing with Jade, Dr. Huang came in with a huge welcoming smile, she was very professional and yet very comfortable to converse with. I told her my issue with gaps because I didn’t wear my retainers for four years, she took some measurements, checked the X-rays and gave me her professional advice. I went in straight for treatment and within 30 minutes, I was done and had an awesome new smile! It’s funny because I feel as if I have known everyone in the office for a long time and I just met them today! The whole team rocks so much, I made an appointment for my husband and called my family to have them make appointments. Live & Smile Dental Care is the dental office for every single dental treatment, from implants, cosmetic, orthodontic work, general treatment, hygiene and everything else you need. Thank you, guys, for coming through as an awesome dental practice.”


by Valeria Moore
“I have to say that before visiting this office I had a dreadful fear of dentist and that fear contributed to the condition I was in by the time I found Dr. Huang. However, unfortunately for me, I had to have all of my top teeth removed. But I must say that working with Dr. Huang and team alleviated my fears and by the time I had to have the procedure performed, I was totally at ease. I surprised myself.Needless to say, I don't care for dentures (this is temporary), but I get many compliments on my new teeth. I must also add that the entire team is very friendly, patient, and take pride in their work.”


by Sharon S.
“This dental office is run by a fabulous group of women who are professional, super-friendly, pleasant, kind, and committed to serve you the best way possible. I started seeing Dr. Huang by default because my previous dentist had moved on, but I'm pleased with the transformation she has made to the office. I had issues with crowding and a premolar that was twisted, which caused my top and bottom front teeth to be slightly crooked. My smile was decent, but the underlying issues were still there. So I was a bit apprehensive when Dr. Huang introduced Invisalign to me. However, after the whole procedure I was happy that I decided to do it. It does take a lot of time and patience, not to mention the cost. But having straight teeth and a bigger smile made a really big difference for me. Regardless of the procedure you need done, whether its a regular check-up, a cleaning, or Invisalign, this office is definitely worth going to.”


by Ying H.
“I got veneers done recently and they look amazing. I highly recommend Live & Smile Dental Care. Dr. Huang and her team are friendly and efficient. Dr. Huang is really cares about how you feel about your teeth. She lets you make the decisions; that I like. The process was simple and not scary. Don't make your choice based on price; you get what you pay for. Now I feel so much more confident with my beautiful teeth. I am very satisfied with the results. Thank you so much, Dr. Huang!!! I was so lucky that I chose you. Dr. Huang is excellent! She is the best choice in the Bay Area!”


by Lin Y.
“Dr. Huang and her staff were incredible. So friendly and patient. I had a couple consultations with different doctors about helping to improve my smile. After my consultation with Dr. Huang, I realized that I would only truly be happy with veneers. I wanted a natural look.
“Dr. Huang was able to do that with veneers and she has proved that she has the expertise on that! She is very proficient in the process and obviously knows how to do the treatment in a best way. I am happy of the result; especially I am impressed about Dr. Huang's flexibility to be able to work on the weekends based on my working schedule. Most doctors cannot do that.
“Dr. Huang is also very responsible to follow up the work consistently, even though it has been completed successfully. She is very careful and detail-oriented to make sure that they are taken care of well in the daily basis. I love all the compliments I get from them! Best decision ever. I wish I would have done this years ago. Strongly recommend Dr Huang if you want to consider improving your smile or simply just taking good care of your teeth.”


by Dr. Akash Rajan
“Dr. Zhaomin Huang is one of the most meticulous dentists I have ever seen. She is very professional and extremely knowledgeable and smart. Dr. Huang takes her time to make sure she does not miss a thing. Her office is equipped with the latest technology, such as cameras that project an image on a large screen so that you can see exactly what is going on inside your mouth.
“Dr. Huang’s work goes beyond the capabilities of most other dentists. She takes time to explain your teeth’s condition and not only fixes the problem, but shows you how you can prevent future problems as well as improve your smile with very simple techniques. She does not try to up-sell you with any unnecessary products.
“Her staff is also very friendly and helpful. They will call you just to check up on how you’re doing.
“If you’re looking for a great dentist all around, call Dr. Huang. She will not only fix your teeth, but make sure your smile is the best it can be.
“Thank you, Dr. Huang!”


by Robert G.
“I hadn’t been to the dentist’s office in years and most of my memories were not good. Live & Smile Dental was a totally different experience. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming. I never felt any pain during any of my visits (and I made quite a few this year). I just relax and catch up on Netflix movies in the chair. Dr. Huang is the best and I have to say I actually enjoy going to the dentist now. I highly recommend Live & Smile for anyone looking for a dentist.”


by Marilyn K.
“Dr. Huang is great and so is Jade! The staff is friendly, makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Huang. She does excellent work, she’s dedicated, cares about her patients, and very professional. I’m very happy with the outcome of my implant and veneers. I’m glad that I made the right decision. I look 15 years younger! I feel great! I get lots of compliments of my beautiful smile. They are so natural — who would have known I had some work done. I’m not afraid to smile anymore. Dr. Huang, you’ve changed my life! All my life I have never smiled! Thanks to you, I no longer hide my discolored teeth! Job well done!”


by Trina A.
“The staff at Live & Smile Dental is extremely courteous and professional. I had the issue of bleeding gums, and just within a few months, vast improvements have been made. Dr. Huang recommended that I get the Rotadent, and it has proved to be a very worthwhile purchase. Also, everyone is always friendly and asks about life and college. Actually, Jenny from the front desk helped me with my college essays, and I got into UCSD! Woohoo! My experiences here have been absolutely fabulous.”


by Patrick G.
“Everything is properly explained so that I’m never confused. I really like this place. As long as I don’t move far away I will continue to come here. I am happy to have such a good dentist so close to my home.”


by Cody H.
“I had five total visits: one tooth extraction, and 14 cavity fillings. Even with so much work being done, each and every visit went not only smoothly but also quickly. All of the staff members are extremely friendly and professional. They are very good at what they do and make coming to the dentist a much better experience than most dentist offices. Of all the different dentists I have had, Dr. Huang was by far the best that. She is very kind and does a fantastic job with her work. She has a very light hand and knows how to make each and every procedure as pain-free as possible. On top of that, her assistants and receptionists were very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I recommend anybody who needs dental work to come here. Overall a great experience that I was very pleased with.”


by Ethel M.
“When I first started, my gums were receding and I had so many gaps between my teeth. After my visit and consultation with Live & Smile, I began my journey with Invisalign. It was the best investment I have ever made. The staff were so great and friendly, and cheering me on to my goal. Within one year, my gums are healthy, and my teeth are model perfect straight and white. That was one of the pluses to doing Invisalign with Live & Smile: you can whiten at the same time so at the end, you get the beautiful smile you dreamed of. I highly recommend Live & Smile.”


by Henna P.
“I came here with my husband for his initial Invisalign appointment. Dr. Huang was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. She clearly explained every detail of the Invisalign process and made us feel very comfortable. Her staff is also very nice, especially Jenny, the lady at the front desk. She is super friendly and helpful! The office is very up-to-date. They even have Netflix available in the exam rooms, so you can watch something while you wait!”


by Karri B.
“I chose Live & Smile Dental Care because of Dr. Huang’s ability to perform the tooth implant procedure in office. The implant turned out great, and then I decided to get a full smile makeover using veneers. In total I got 19 teeth done. It was a big decision for me, and I am very happy with the results. Dr. Huang takes the extra time to make sure everything is perfect. She wants to be as happy with the final result as you!! Her staff is great too!”


by Michael B.
“Dr. Huang operates a very modern and clean office and I was impressed by her skills and ability as a dentist. I got the sense that she really cared about me and the pain I was going through and was doing her best to make me feel comfortable throughout the two and a half hours she was working on my tooth. The exam room features an HDTV complete with Netflix and headphones that I used to distract myself with while Dr. Huang performed a root canal. I thought this was a nice touch and it made the experience all the more quick and painless.
I’ll be going back to Live & Smile Dental Care to finish my root canal and crown soon, but I plan on continuing to visit Dr. Huang and her staff as my regular dentist. Thank you!”


by Kim D.
“First off, I am terrified of the dentist. In fact, I had put off going for nearly six years. Needless to say, my dental problems are SEVERE. The entire staff at the office is fantastic. Despite my insecurities about my dental health, the assistant (Jade) and Dr. Huang were very professional, kind, and informative. They explained to me what needed to be done and why, worked with my benefits to maximize my coverage, and are working with me on a treatment plan that works for me. They took time to educate me on the importance of home care and how to teach my daughter proper care so down the road she won’t be owing thousands in dental care like myself. I am on a long road to being back to good dental standing but I feel comfortable that they are really going to try to work with me and help me find ways to financially accomplish what I would like to achieve.”


by Teresa W.
“I am very satisfied with the service I received. Dr. Huang and the office staff are very friendly and caring. Dr. Huang’s approach is caring, thoughtful, and confident. After just one visit, I was convinced this was going to be my dentist for life.”


by Brian B.
“Dentist appointments are supposed to be scary, but this place actually makes it ... ENJOYABLE!
“Jenny was great and went out of her way to get me in on short notice! She has the perfect personality to deal with people, SUPER friendly ... the whole staff is!
“Dr. Huang did not make me feel bad at all. I was an idiot and ignored my teeth for a very long time. She smiled and, very nicely, told me what I needed to start doing. I will be bringing my entire family here and recommending you guys to everyone I know!”


by Stephen J.
“This is an excellent practice .... They treat you like family and really care about your well-being. Dr. Huang is top notch: best training and she uses only state-of-the-art supplies. My wife goes here as well and we will be lifetime customers.”


by Melody S.
“I was very pleased with the service I received on my first visit. Several options were explained to me to help me know how best to fill the two missing teeth. I did not feel rushed during the discussion/explaining of what my options were. The receptionists were very polite in welcoming me. I love the options of having my teeth attended to on a Saturday or Wednesday evening. This saves from taking off work for the several visits I will need. And lastly, the price was very reasonable. I like that I could make payments. Thank you for a wonderful, non-stressful experience.”


by Sue C.
“I’ve received excellent dental care from Dr. Huang and her team. They made my visit very pleasant and pain-free. Dr. Huang is very gentle and attentive to details. She is also very skillful and cares a lot about her patients. She focuses on comprehensive dentistry and is capable of many different procedures. I finished Invisalign and teeth whitening last month. I’ve received many compliments for my new smile. I’m so happy that I made the investment on my teeth. Now my teeth are much healthier, whiter, and straighter. If you are looking for a dental home or ways to improve your smile, I highly recommend you go see Dr. Huang. You’ll be very satisfied with your choice!”


by Ronald T.
“Great implant dentist! I’ve been struggling for a long time with problems of missing teeth caused by severe gum disease. I have to admit even though I had done some research on the Internet and watched several videos of patients before, during, and after the procedure, I was a little nervous. Dr. Huang made me feel as comfortable as possible before and during the procedure. I felt very confident in her. I had previously seen/consulted with two other dentists regarding to the tooth/gum issues I had, which were causing constant pain and bleeding in my gums and gradual tooth loss. They could only recommend removing teeth over time and replacing them with partials and eventually dentures. From what I know about partials and dentures that people I know wear, they aren’t very comfortable and need to be replaced from time to time due to ill fit. I felt there had to be a better/more modern way .... Neither dentist seemed interested when I inquired about getting implants and tried to steer me away from even thinking about getting them. In my mind I knew this was the best solution for me. It was Dr. Huang who offered me the best solution of dental implants that I was looking for. I was able to walk out of her office with a new fixed set of teeth on the same day. Everything went very smoothly, with very little pain. Dr. Huang kept very close to the scheduled time, even giving me time for short breathers. After the procedure was done, I am very pleased with the look and feel of the new teeth. I only wish I had met Dr. Huang earlier. Now I’m able to smile again and I do feel much healthier that the issues with my gums have been finally addressed. I can also interact with people again without being self-conscious about my missing teeth. Dr. Huang and her team are great! Dr. Huang is always helpful and available by phone or email if I had any questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend her (actually, I did to my mom). My mom is also very happy with the care she’s received from Dr. Huang. For me, getting implants are a great alternative to other/older solutions. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again and highly recommend getting the procedure done to anyone struggling with severe tooth/gum issues.”


by Maria G.
“Excellent dentist! I came to Dr. Huang because my teeth are loose and gradually falling off one by one. I knew I am in need of major dental reconstruction, and dentures were not an option for me. Dr. Huang was very helpful in aiding me to make the best solution for my situation. Several options were presented to me by other dentists. However, Dr. Huang gave me the best treatment option and made me feel very comfortable with her credentials and capabilities. I never imagined walking out of her office with a new set of teeth on the same day! I am 110% satisfied with my new look. I feel more confident in my appearance. I’m so happy that I made the decision to pursue the all-on-4 implant treatment. This is the best investment I’ve ever made. Thank you, Dr. Huang!”


by Margaret W.
“The staff at Live & Smile Dental care were so friendly and personable, they made you feel right at home at the dentistry! They immediately greeted you and introduced themselves so you know who everyone is, so no one is a stranger to you at the office. The front office even informs you why the forms need to be completed and guides you through each section of the forms when most medical offices just hand you a clipboard and pen expecting you to know what to do. And Live & Smile Dental even gives you a tour of the office! You don’t get that kind of service anywhere these days. Most of all, the start-of-the-art technology they use at this dentistry is pretty amazing .... Definitely would recommend thus dentistry office to everyone!”


by Angela L.
“She loves her job, and she loves teaching that passion to others. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a honest and sweet dentist. She takes her time to explain her recommendations, and is genuinely concerned about your best interest.”


by Bryce P.
“I called and got a same -ay appointment: the doctor took time from her lunch to see me. They were very kind, and they helped me with my tooth quickly and efficiently.
“They gave me all the information I needed, even though it may have meant I would have to return to my last dentist to get the problem resolved.
“With their help I saw that they were very competent, and I asked them to contact my insurance company to see if I could have the work done at their office instead of my previous.
“I would definitely recommend this office to anyone who has dental work that needs to be done.
“Oh, and the very pretty receptionist doesn’t hurt at all.”


by Michelle A.
“I highly recommend Dr. Huang. She does her work excellently with sincerity. I love the way how she handles her patients with total care. This clinic makes you smile and feel great!”


by Juan R.
“Dr. Huang is awesome. She is very knowledgeable and makes going to the dentist a great experience. I no longer dread my next dental appointment, I look forward to it! I now understand why keeping your mouth healthy can lead to a healthier lifestyle.”


by Helen P.
“Dr. Huang is an excellent, caring dentist and her staff is very friendly! They’re very accommodating and more than once stayed late to make sure they did the best job possible on my teeth. You can watch TV while you’re in the chair, something I appreciate since working on my teeth usually means being in the chair for longer than the average cleaning or filling. Not to mention, her work is top-rate. Shortly after moving to the area, one of my front teeth broke off. I took a chance on her office and have not regretted it. We originally planned to replace my broken tooth with an implant, but it turns out I’m in a very small minority of people whose gums can’t support implants, so we went with a bridge instead. She also did some bonding on my other front teeth, both to help the bridge blend in and deal with some pre-existing demineralization, and now my smile looks even better than it did before I broke my tooth. Dr. Huang is also passionate about ensuring patients have quality home care, which maintains the restorations and goes a long way in preventing them in the first place. I know my home care routine has vastly improved since I started going to her office and hopefully it will help keep my time in her chair to a minimum. But for the times I do need to go to the dentist, I have confidence that Dr. Huang will provide the best care. I highly recommend her!”


by Peter D.
“I love this place because everyone is very warm and friendly. Dr. Huang is very well trained and experienced. She really cares about her patients. I got my wisdom teeth extracted a few months ago without any pain and healed very quickly. Now I am doing Invisalign treatment. I am very happy with the progress. Moreover, I am noticing the practice keeps upgrading with the modern technologies. I recommended Dr. Huang and this practice to my friends and families!”


by David R.
“Dr. Huang did an excellent job giving me a new set of teeth. It looks great, and they fit perfectly! I would recommend Dr. Huang to anyone!”


by Barbara H.
“Dr. Huang and her staff with Jade and Nancy are a fantastic team. Extremely thorough, professional, and state-of-the-art equipment for even the most challenging dental procedures. Thank you for saving my teeth, Dr. Huang!”


by Michael A.
“Dr. Huang did an implant of one of my front teeth and I am very happy with the results. It’s as good as my original tooth. Dr. Huang was very friendly, thorough, and professional. She made sure I was comfortable and well informed about everything she did. Thanks, Dr. Huang!”


by Marco G.
“I love the final result of my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Huang. It met my expectations of having healthy gums and straighter teeth. Invisalign is a very good product to use for anyone who is interested in fixing the hygiene problems caused by crowded teeth.”


by Peter
“Had my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Huang without pain and got recovered within about one week. Dr. Huang is gentle and experienced. I recommend Dr. Huang for my family and friends.”


by Donna P.
“Dr. Huang examined me upon a suggestion made by Dr. Engler to see if I could be a candidate for Invisalign. She said she thought I was, and impressions were taken immediately and submitted to Invisalign. I needed 30 upper trays and 26 bottom ones at the start of the procedure; but five

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