What is the iTero intraoral scanner?




Here at Live & Smile Dental, we do everything that we can to help your dental journey be better and exceed your expectations; this would include investing in new technology. Technology is constantly changing, so when it comes to our patients’ dental health, we want to create a smooth, comfortable, and positive experience for all restorations and orthodontic treatments.

You may have seen a machine that looks like a computer on wheels at the office, but it features so much more! It is called the iTero scanner! 

The iTero scanner puts a whole new definition in restorative dentistry. The scanner is able to replace alginate impressions, which is that goppy soft material that takes impressions of your teeth and sometimes makes you gag or hard to breathe while the material sets in. Good riddance! 

It also provides an excellent source for visualizing restorative dentistry treatments, such as dental crowns. The iTero scanner assists our doctors and assistants to take a quick, accurate, and comfortable 3D digital impression of your teeth to help design your treatment. This would include scans for invisalign, night guards, and retainers. It can demonstrate a full 360 view of all your teeth that have been scanned, and helps our team create and build a perfect dental plan that works best for you.

By using the iTero as our intraoral scanner this helps make the process for your dental treatment a breeze and we are able to send the scans out to dental labs ASAP. Which means the faster it goes out, the quicker it comes back. The speed and accuracy of the scanner helps your dental experience become even more pleasant and enjoyable. 

Dr. Huang, Dr. Brodsky, Dr. Hanamova, Dr. Leung, Dr.Yoon, and Dr. Ted all approves of our new intraoral scanner because it has given our office an advance in efficiency and effectiveness to help our patients smile bigger with great teeth! We constantly look for better ways to advance your experience with us as well as becoming the best dental office in Dublin,CA.

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