Natural Looking, Comfortable Dentures for Replacing Missing Teeth

If you have lost all of your natural teeth, Dr. Zoe Huang can help you replace them with natural looking dentures. Replacing your missing teeth not only improves your appearance, it also improves your ability to speak and eat properly. You may have concerns about dentures because they can often look fake and unattractive. However, with proper techniques, Dr. Huang can create comfortable dentures for you that look very natural.

12% of the U.D. population 65 or older

Creating Natural Looking Dentures

Dr. Huang’s experience and knowledge of cosmetic dentistry gives you an edge when it comes to having the most natural looking dentures made for you. By her adhering to the three important factors of creating comfortable dentures that look natural, you can rest assured that your dentures will not have that fake appearance. The three main factors that Dr. Huang knows contribute to comfortable, natural looking dentures are:

Natural Looking Denture Teeth

Many dentures look fake because of the teeth that are used. Dr. Huang uses high quality porcelain teeth that give the luster of natural tooth enamel. Choosing the right size and shape is also an important consideration for natural looking dentures. With Dr. Huang’s expertise in cosmetic dentistry, she’ll choose teeth that are appropriate for your facial structure.

Natural Looking Denture Base

The base of a denture can also be a dead giveaway that you are wearing dentures. Many denture bases are constructed with a solid pink material that looks fake. With a special layering technique, our dentures have a much more natural gum tissue and gum line appearance.


Ideal Fit for Natural Appearance

A proper fit is very important for natural looking dentures. Dentures that do not fit properly will slip around and look fake. Without a good fit, dentures can make your face puff out or sink in unnaturally. Dr. Huang will create a denture that fits you properly and restores your facial proportions to a more youthful look.

If you are seeking natural looking, comfortable dentures, call our Dublin office today for a consultation appointment with Dr. Huang.
  • Using teeth that look natural
  • Using a natural looking base material
  • Ensuring a proper fit

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